Wenshang Bangzi opera

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Since the Yuan and Ming, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal of China's north-south traffic aorta, and Wenshang hub as part of its throat, it is inevitable flow of people and cargo, the South Lake Wang also attracted the emperor and Gongqing官绅, like the former文人墨客to仰观. Opera around the culture of their potential will continue to shun Wenshang came. The mid-Ming Dynasty, Qin, Kaifeng, Henan Shanxi Merchants person east, material and cultural exchanges, Shaanxi Opera, then came Wenshang Bangzi opera. Because of its beautiful singing, the rhythm of a crisp, is suitable for the people鲁西南汶symbol of tenacity,豁达大度character, loved by the people. And then gradually to local customs, local culture, tolerance, absorption and transformation, and gradually formed a rough, rough, sonorous, simple and honest style "Wenshang Bangzi" drama. In their development process, it is the region with Caozhou "Caozhou Bangzi" integration of interaction, so that harmony between the two had formed a well welcomed by the people "Bangzi Shandong." For centuries, sung without failure, a well-known local drama. ( \5 m8 ^, E; e( |' C6 v! [. ?
First, the characteristics of art ; U; _; i* Z6 }1 m1 m
1. Trade ' }9 ^7 z$ Y& J
Wenshang Bangzi's business is broadly divided into: red, black, foreign, health, Dan, ugly, etc., referred to as a living, the day the net, at the end of ugly. . z' }' H) e* E  z" G* u
Health can be divided into (1) red, (2) foreigners, (3) niche, niche and niche-wen, Wu Xiaosheng, Shorts Wusheng, Baotou Health, Health at a doll. 9 w8 N) b0 |2 L: N8 k
Dan can be divided into (1) women's apartment door Dan (2)小旦(3) Dan Shuai (4)刀马旦(5) Yi (6)彩旦(7) Dan throwing (8)老旦
5 ?. I8 [# j' A4 ~7 V! Z! RNet (that is, we often say that the bad cop) it (1) Gross Net (Wu Erhualian) (2) pay the net (3) rape net (4) children of sub-net
5 G7 H: ^6 K/ f. YOf these, the line b (1) son ugly (2) Wu Chou (3) old ugly (4) b拉杂( "stamp brother-in-law" of Lee, "naughty places downtown," the naughty) (5) Ugly Dolls ( "Hu small sheep "of Hu Xiaodi," geo-cabinet "is naughty), etc.
+ e0 C: }5 N+ R* g% P: O1 f9 _At the end ( "Li Ling Stele" Rokuro the Yang, "昭关text" of HUANGFU nawan) that kicked color, basically performing the same with the foreigners, in the subsequent evolution, at the end of line as a secondary raw color feet. Health is now under one line, no division of Health and at the end.
& l. X1 i9 T# l7 K( ~3 B2. Singing music & _# D, H" {# t; n& u! D% G) h1 ^
(1), singing 6 m% s- N2 [: N& D
Wenshang Bangzi impassioned singing, resounding rich, beautiful sounds, colorful, full of rich local characteristics Qupai singing, music sounds rich and varied beauty. Pre-cop, bad cop with the whole "great cavity" (the voice), and Laiwu Bangzi singing flat close to the current transfer;旦角also used the first big cavity,尾音with "Ou" (such as "on the song off" in洪月娥sang). Gradually after the change, most of the words "two-cavity" (falsetto) singing. " o. h; j8 p3 u. V9 R" y
(2), Plate
' D1 L. W" V4 z6 I& wWenshang Bangzi Bangzi Caozhou the plate with basically the same. Commonly used are: slow, slow-breaking character, is a board, water board, a gong drum 2, 28 boards, since boards, plant board, flying board, sheep, yellow, and so on back plate. There are also: Second commit, the pentameter, the hanging hook, Irony allocated a cut gongs, hammer Bintulu, three cavity cry so Kang Kang, cry 28, cry 28 tight, three off board, etc. Riverboat.
+ V, J. v9 ?" @. f' Z5 r3 u/ f(3), Qupai 0 Q# F, ?! o4 r
Wenshang Bangzi have dedicated Qupai 1 W* V8 ^1 A  T0 k" ~4 G1 \
Kill own tune ( "cried the sword"), water spill, night out ( "Orchid Mountain"), called door ( "the universe front"), a drop ( "sun chart"), the second back to back plate ( "秦琼also home "), the South without the Buddha (" the Second Jizhou "), sub-sequence (" Zhengnan Yao Gang "), the old bureaucratic (" journey of a thousand miles Ju "), ghosts Yang Nian (" Gustavo cure "), Minor (" blind观灯"), stammer mouth ("卖豆腐"), to have board ("锡壶play "), playing wooden club (" wooden club to fight "),打更board (" Sima Yi into Mountain "), tear toad, the next Music from board (the "three-palm"), under the accent ( "hanging house") and so on. 7 [& J! [, T1 h: Z' \0 Y$ y9 ^
"Great Flute Rolls-Royce" is a large flute accompaniment.
8 r% T% F: J9 T& k' tOnly in the "bergamot orange" a drama, there Qupai sang "New Water Order", "step by step Concubine," "折桂令", "雁儿down", "southern land", "in military orders," "石榴花", "end" the more consistent cycle of songs (are more stressed, the play is based on the more柳子, flat, under the redeployment of 28 points). Only fragments of other drama Qupai. " v# N9 O9 l  ~/ H3 C
Wenshang Bangzi Suona chord of music licensing, very rich, according to the story, characters, Qupai use a different, more stringent requirements. Towards the emperor as "the Son of Heaven," when an audience Baiguan "air son", under the direction of "朝歌under the" death of the emperor as "upon the death order" Fabing Marshal of "five-horse race" with王兴兵番" Second offense, "camped with" dropped the "villain characters out of" the bastard "and so on. Others, such as "in the military", "reported the horse", "Order Number One Scholar," "拜堂make" and so on, each with its own special. Tune each have their own "characters" (lyrics), and some one solo, singing in unison and some in Taiwan. Tune individual complex (for example, board 64 "Yangzhou" one for "jiangdong" Zhou Yu Xiu play book), as a result of complex science, has been lost.
" Q8 v: n4 U0 K4 [. F+ f- R' s' ?9 bSuona existing Qupai are: 5 R$ {9 X4 V/ ?) C
"拜堂Order", "the Palm Springs", "General's Command", "A Song of Triumph", "new water to make", "折桂令" (Buffeting double car), "the bastard", "Happy to make," "down the book Order "," the Rebels "," reported that the horse, "" Back to the horse, "" sell orders "," Order Number One Scholar, "" so cursory, "" in the military, "" large and small Palace Flower, "" large and small hearts, "" Yunxiao Club, "" Second Son fans "," Celebration "," Shifan son "," gold hanging hook Edible Oil Bottle "," Yangzhou "," Yangzhou open "," Paper Suona " "tigers", "hard music", "fast and slow due to the market", "pre-and post-4", "565", "Bangzi doll," "great flute doll," "Red绣鞋", " purple-red lip-point, "" crataegi abuse "," Liu roll gold "," Liu roll gold sequence, "" Jade Lotus "," Parthenocissus "," hit Admiralty, "" radical three guns "," four gongs " "the Son of Heaven," "air son", "San朝歌", "风入松", "driving the feast," "a good garden", "garden good order", "southern land", "清江引" "滴溜son "," Jiang children water "," Liu Hong Niang ","水龙吟"," a horse "," Full House of Flowers "," sell wine, "" peak open boat "and" spring "," TING feast open "," Eragrostis sequence "," Dragon and Phoenix Tower, "" Zijin Central ","颜回weep "and" one official transfer "," Chaoyuan song "and" five horses, "" Second commit ","石榴花""雁儿down, "" a flower "," step by step Concubine, "" Pong score from Meditation, ""山坡羊"," under heaven "," lived in "," open air tight "," take Razuri "," thin people seeking wang "," hammer every night, "" Buckwheat Fringe, "" lift Court "," al son "," full blown business, "" Er-Hu touch, "" steamed south of the country, ""辕门Drum "," positive and negative men Zi "," small chorus "," even a dog "and" old昆腔"," end. "
: F2 l5 H: Q! P& K' B- y* p: a# pString Qupai are: / J8 W7 `  l4 i  G
"Large and small money" and "Tetraena four", "百鸟朝凤", "Great travel market", "Shifan son", "sub-Shifan sequence", "bamboo curtain roll", "stomach ache" , "bucket quail", "皇天cry", "Huan years", "peel mask," "pressure plate", "8", "Big Pink", "the Rebels", "摆头Wulong" "before the end of Wulong", "la room", "small eight boards", "large救驾" (All Under Heaven), "hand-pulling," "hard music", "Shangtianti", "looking house," " licensing of yin and yang "," sheep licensing "," fighting the "(倒卷curtain)" kowtow insects ","碰倒wall, "" stupid monk "," sub-song sequence, "" open "," open the door of Shanxi " "Yangzhou open" and "killing oneself Da," "breaking character", "typo", "Little Garden", "climbing the bridge," "touch the middle of the night", "老鸹out", "tease grasshopper legs", "set to make cars . "
, g+ M2 D* S4 L9 t(4), accompanied by musical instruments: ) Q5 G  _! S" z# |; j3 Z
Wenshang Bangzi initially accompanied by musical instruments are: large string,二弦, sanxian.
" R% f8 {: z. H0 W1 D% aLarge string is plucked string instruments, like Yueqin, abdominal micromalus, no goods, Four, four strings, all with leather string. Yi people in accordance with its shape, Qualcomm calls it "老鳖" (Ping tune with the great string of early, eight products, also known as micromalus Yueqin).二弦shorter stroke, larger cylinder, heavy and close the distance between the cheese, leather string, and bow-outs, sharp light sonorous sound. Sanxian the same with the current GM. Later by other Bangzi the impact of the film, for use Banhu erhu musical accompaniment for major, major chord, not the二弦has been a long time. In recent years, has been added to Sheng, Nguyen, accompanied by musical instruments such as pipa.
! k, G  l, S% Z(5), percussion
5 `" l6 P6 E$ a3 t1 [3 AWenshang Bangzi Bangzi the percussion and the other is basically the same as Opera, the early fans have used the four (big big cymbals, the cymbals, but not too long to stop the use of). Point of gongs and drums used are: $ K" `: b. m2 e' b4 f4 D
"Phoenix nodded III", "large and small from board", "large and small second offense," "fast and slow plant board," "positive and negative Wu-set hammer," "being, anti-roll head," "large and small risk children first, "" connected, "" at sub-blowing, "" digging holes "," early turtle "or" on the four-gong "," Citation 77 "," Qiao-eight gongs "," ten gongs " "gong 11", "gong 20", money to spend, spend half the money, "a small gong money" and "one subscript subscript", "toss loop", "Emergency Wind," "garlic hammer", "Flash", "scab scar Jie", "all quiet", "false plate 28", "Paper Suona head", "Two-foot", "head lights moth", "a ghost push a grinder," "bottom fish", "would bring the cows" "fat rat-tat-tat," "fire cannon", "single five gongs", "hammer three times," "large and small land first," "the size of the second cymbal," "Flying pyridaben mouth", "our children", "small gong Sui. " $ ?& j1 c9 `* e; Y  b
The past, begin before the "get through to make Taiwan" when the knock: a into the plate, flowers Taiwan (plus wind "挑子") and then out, "Kam-even-like." Recently, the old theater artists Wenshang Bangzi张宜君Wenshang Bangzi finishing digging the music - the world is the same.
1 ~8 l% {/ ~* K6 g1 M; t3, the repertoire
$ R. P* E) y5 t& ]Wenshang Bangzi particularly rich repertoire, and the independence of Taiwan, and even Taiwan, this折子, historical stories, life of small drama, comedy, tragedy and so on. On its subject matter to say that the main historical themes, but also the performance of family ethics, myths and legends, and folk life of men and women love the drama theme. / q7 }, r& K7 i
According to the last century to investigate the early eighties that the old artists, repertoire classes DAISO 600 alone, the show heads for refined Fairview single hard folded, up to five or six meters. Frequently staged operas are: front universe, the boarding hall, Trinidad Ju, Huilong Court, warships fire, single-pole, so, go through five passes and the first Jizhou, II Jizhou, Tsam黄袍, the辕门, Kou mentioned, the two狼山, with the Spring and Autumn Period, the doors of snow, the river bridge, Cui-Ping Shan, bergamot orange, Majestic, Chang Sheng Dian, Baishou map wishful sword, even Taiwan NABI Kingdoms of this, all three linked to Taiwan this火烧连营,宛城war, 11 countries ( gold box in mind), and other 18 countries.
. L3 g5 j8 ^4 x- X+ @& dMacroporous opera classes have three single-head, 400. Frequently staged operas are: Li Yuan Palace run, three open cut, the old levy East, eight Baozhu transport mobility, large hanging李翠莲, cried the first, sent to women, talk about red-tang, small garden, using the power of prayer and so on. ) y# L. [% q0 j; L: P/ a1 Y$ j# B
The performance of their traditional repertoire content to the main historical themes, many of which rape with resistance forces, the courage to struggle repertoire. Although some of the repertoire of the subject matter with other similar drama, but not identical approach. In the vast traditional repertoire, the performance of family ethics, myths and legends, love and civil life of men and women of the repertoire, but also quite considerable. So the题材范围Wenshang Bangzi is quite broad. From the time-span, the Eastern Zhou, Qin and Han dynasties, the Three Kingdoms, the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties are involved.
  ^0 l9 X. U. Y, f; {& h% C6 CThe performance of the program, action rough, exaggerated style, through the exaggerated image of action, described the idea of character figures. And the opera小旦niche through nuanced performances and the look of the transfer, vivid characters and character performance. 7 |6 y# G; h- Q- B* A+ @8 U
4. The main social classes * {6 n6 W  J3 e( g6 G
Wenshang Bangzi from imported to the formation and development of independent drama, from the west and east into not only a long history and wide geographical distribution of prevalence. The late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, 300 years, the county vocational classes composed of a number of clubs, there are many board games, and train a number of excellent actors, it was not fully investigated the well-known class county agency, such as: large Cao ban, Wang Chong-san House complex set classes Macroporous classes Guanzhuang hole courses, mountain building岳家classes (after the founding of an Jiaxiang County), yellow combin washing shop, Chencun hole course, or courses in set SONG Yi, Xuan floor classes. Agency in these classes, most notably DAISO classes Macroporous classes, or courses in set SONG Yi, the "big hole family, Cao leader" is. / @0 B8 ^* P5 Q$ s2 y+ t4 D
DAISO classes, it is said not to Ming and early Qing Cao Timorese officials founded the city. Their disintegration time in thirteen years (1925). Years ago about 80 years ago to the well-known actor are: Zhang for (Asako, Tai, Yun Zhang floor, City, and black), Fu Seven (刀马旦),陈凤奎, Yun city, and niche.王金仁, Opera. Chen Tien-fu, Erhualian. Poured老鸹mouth (stage name), Tsing Yi.岳登明that Yueshi, Yue Jiaxiang floor, and red.戴承legislation, that is, Dai Qun, cop. Gross method, that is gross in the Church, its metal蚰son, Timor East Gate City, and Tsing Yi. Xiao-Qing, Yun City who小旦. Gui-Qiang Tian, black tiger temple Liangshan Prefecture,刀马旦. Zhang Enpu this Jining City, Erhualian. Xu, the pairs of Germany, who are Feicheng Zhangdian, niche.岳庆云, Yun city, and ugly. Wen-Xi, stage name, Kinmen and Matsu Komako, cop. Yunhai division, stage name silver bells, Opera. Song Yu-shan, the main stage name treng, Tsing Yi, Opera.李广仁, Timor City who complete business called show crates, it is said will show 300. 9 y8 b, g; L/ q5 T4 p6 z# u
Macroporous classes Wenshang hole floor孔祥琦home town founded孔祥琦too often revered as the hereditary, Dr. Temple, a generation of his dynasty in Guangdong居官, and Qufu衍圣公House with the bulk of this class is衍圣公Qufu Access to the House, at the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, Cao classes than later. Its hundred years ago in the eighties to the actor are: + E/ f, [7 A3 q4 S& M* k
Yan paragraph, that paragraph Guangcai,寿张, and red. Chen Shang-jiang, bad cop. Xueyou Sun, Sun No. black, red, his son Cao孙延俊for Secretary drum classes. Wang Lin, west, and south of his old age settled Quan, bad cop. YUE Qing Lu, Yun city, and ugly. Lee Admiralty, Erhualian No. IV Erhualian. Wang S, Dong Ah, and red. Kenneth III Wusheng.岳庆云, ugly. Small back son, bad cop.
" v6 }/ B% i' M! oAgency in these classes, a number of actors is a very well-known, more well-known actors are as follows: seven Fu, Wu battle child, throwing老鸹mouth, Kinmen and Matsu Komako, silver bells, such as Li-leng. Mass flow for a number of talk. Such as: "Fu seven knives, Wu battle waist, throwing a high sings老鸹mouth." "Matsu Komako silver bells, it is better to enact treng a rock." Known as "a rock" treng the legislation (that is, Yushan Song) will be a lot of drama, singing beautifully, was appointed in 1958 in Shandong Province Theater Bangzi teachers. - v& E9 b/ m/ \8 S4 P& _' i+ t
Second, the development of the status quo
/ H9 o1 o3 i2 G9 j" Z' GWenshang Bangzi due to a long history, many social classes, trade complete repertoire rich, sonorous voice, passionate, broad, simple and honest, music Qupai colorful, beautiful sounds, popular for the masses. 7 J: Q6 [& F0 E0 J( a4 r9 p
"Village gongs ring, Zhuang Zhuang Bangzi sound" is a true portrayal of the then, and even passers-by also walking trip shouted Bangzi opera, fine-sounding name "road show." After the liberation, the party of "letting a hundred flowers bloom, new" approach, under the guidance of a certain Wenshang Bangzi innovation, and staged a number of Modern, until the eighties of the last century, is still a gorgeous light radiation.
1 F3 |/ y+ W" P5 s- x. @With the deepening of reform and opening up, the establishment of a market economy and the development of economic globalization, people's ideas, lifestyle, living environment, and thinking philosophy, lifestyle, aesthetic standards, the pursuit of the arts have in the event of changes. Economic and social ideas, concepts, and fast-paced way of life, superior living environment, the concept of advancing with the times of thinking, a new lifestyle, the aesthetic standards of the times, a wide range of artistic pursuits, no doubt so as not to place in the traditional East-West changes resulted in changes to play down. At the same time, film, television, literature and art, folk art and so on, all the time in terms of innovation in modern art and new scientific and technological means engaged in a fierce competition at the same time, drama in itself, is also engaged in a fierce competition, the outcome of competition is Drama has been a great challenge and impact. In the economic and social environment, the more some people think that art is "old", "ancient", "soil" can stop! Wenshang Bangzi it all so that the age-old traditional art of drama in a low valley. If the rescue excavation, which comes from the original ecology of the natural arts drama, the trend is disappearing.
; W2 b. u, C6 z$ G; gIn recent years, the county Wenshang County, County Department of Cultural Affairs Wenshang Wenshang Bangzi increased protection of the excavation and restore the start of the Wenshang Bangzi Opera, has taken "two狼山", "old羊山" "赵王guillotine" and other traditional operas, and positively promoting the creation, rehearsing new plays new and greatly promoted the development of Wenshang Bangzi. October 14, 2007 Wenshang Bangzi company selected by the "two狼山" as the sole representative of the repertoire of Shandong Bangzi Opera Guangrao to participate in "Plum Blossom Chinese Opera Competition 2007 finals," Comrade Liu Tai-Hua was one of "China Hong-Mei Jin flowers "title.
( [0 d. s( d% j6 j! f$ eWenshang Bangzi is the dramatic art of the one hundred wonderful garden is the motherland of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in the jewel in the treasure-house is part of the fine traditional culture of the people will be pleased to see spiritual food. Of its development history, rich content of the repertoire, the performance of a wide range of topics, to perfect the performance of a broad program, the high singing beautiful, colorful music Tune, as well as unique artistic features of a distinct charm. 7 _/ T. z! `% W
Third, Caozhou Bangzi Wenshang Bangzi with distinction 8 J. o* m: d. [1 B+ L
Caozhou Bangzi, Wenshang Bangzi distinction is not inherent in the history of Administrative divisions of the state government to clearly separate the.商路is show the way, show the way water is. Local Customs, voice is also the show the way of amenities. Although the history of traffic information was not sufficiently developed, it is a favorite area of the audience, what drama, operas and even the star, are also attracted Tune explain in words, common. In addition, the difference between music, performance style of the individual actor, which is divided into elements of drama schools. Tune in particular to the rhyme, as Tak-ming Wang Ji in the "accent on the tenth song law" in the word "music in the music basket cells, and the color in the song", so the formation of the reasons for the different schools. Geographically speaking, in Shandong Province from north to south, is basically a Guanxian,莘县, Yanggu, Liangshan, Yun City, Juye, Kim Heung, Yutai, including its县属Weishan region, east of the Wenshang Bangzi prevalence region, the west is a popular area Caozhou Bangzi. Caozhou Bangzi should also include the development of the regional development of Henan Province.
5 M1 v3 |. Z2 X" ^9 c1 TCaozhou Bangzi, Wenshang Bangzi although both belong to the same high profile, but in the style of artistic expression, art is the pursuit of exploring the two belong to different schools. Their productions, trade system, the traditional program, and I rhyme sound, teacher and student are different aspects of transmission line.
3 s7 A; o! l% HCaozhou Bangzi and southeast of Henan, northern Anhui's "Shahe tune" as well as Henan, "Yudong tune", "transfer祥符" unusually close relationship between the formation of the direct cause of the two schools. Transmission means or the evolution and development of different scenarios. To put it simply, the performance of Caozhou Bangzi are more myths and legends, family ethics, and civil life of men and women love the drama. Health Dan play more.
8 Y2 Y. t" B3 u& Q. @: YWenshang Bangzi are historical themes of life and the court, as well as political and military struggle of the hero of the bush for the performance level Kingdoms story. Gowns with more drama, more drama on python, black and red Erhualian Yi martial arts drama and drama is the mainstream, that is, "the door to the first" performance license for the first pattern. $ ?9 W9 Y0 ]" d9 \& y& q
This distinction is not absolute, that it is not a hard and fast solidification of the system, but a form of ever-changing complex. Or there you have me, I have your local phenomenon. Bangzi in the evolution of high-profile process, Wenshang Bangzi Yousheng Dan also plays the repertory, Caozhou Bangzi Erhualian black and red and there are many martial arts movie theater and Tsing Yi. Generally vary from person to person, as when, because of classes and audiences of different social classes until the situation there. Therefore, the two schools in Shandong Bangzi it is necessary to back its source, but also watch his change, in order to understand the objective analysis. In any case that this is a benign development. Caozhou Bangzi and Yudong tune, tune祥符Shahe tune and even the art of communication, first of all is the expansion of the high prevalence of Bangzi region, enhanced the power of artistic expression, to attract more viewers and improve the performance of the opera style of a single situation, Tune programs in the arts and skills has also been a marked development of the provinces Luyu to contribute to cultural exchanges, so that the impact of Shandong Bangzi scope to deepen and expand.
0 r7 b! j: P6 c& k* h/ b% O, eFourth, the surrounding area Wenshang Bangzi major social classes
# e5 r) y0 g) B: ~# o( MWenshang Bangzi resounding passionate singing, opera repertoire mainly in red and black, the large cavity rhyme, singing the beautiful, multi-cavity multi-turn by the masses in Southwest favorite, sung for hundreds of years without failure, along the canal, as well as in汶河Southwest region, widespread. To Wenshang, Jining as the center's main agency Wenshang Bangzi classes are:
, }' h4 `' Q) o8 t) xFirst, Jining district. DAISO classes, classes House San Chong, macroporous classes, or courses in set SONG Yi, Yue岳家floor classes, Yellowstone hole family shop, Chencun hole courses, classes Xuan floor (above Wenshang). Wealth Club Wufu classes, Sun classes, Feng classes (more than Jining). Stong House Heavenly Master Zhang classes, classes will win the day fighting depression, Long Tongkuangyu Fusheng classes, shop classes Ningyang, Stong韩典classes (more than Tengzhou). Zhuang hole pipe ban, St. Public House classes Hsinchuang hole family, Wu Fusheng Village classes (more than Qufu). Prime classes, Chuang Shi Xiang classes, dual-sheng ban (San Government classes), after the Tuen classes (more than Zoucheng). Suban big, small SU classes, classes羊山Li, Zhou ban, Li classes (Kim Heung above). Palmatine Jiqing break classes赵元琴Xiguan classes (more than Yanzhou). Have classes, Wu Shi Wei classes (more than Jiaxiang).
- S& D( F; B% Z2 H2 D% v* XSecond, Heze area. Yao Floor Dayao classes, field champion庄田family, Yao Nian-set classes, set the righteous cause of hole courses, classes马庄Sun classes, female (more than Juye). Classes Fusheng, Wang Shawodi classes, eight (or more Yun City). Well set寿张classes (Yangsan).
4 ]. s$ M7 m3 J+ t9 nThird, Taian.张瑞祥classes, classes宋庄, Wang thousands of classes (more than Taian). Zhang classes, Dong-long promoted,小曹classes (Pingyin above). Lock summer classes (Dongping). By Hanlin family (Feicheng). Loyalty classes陈宝忠classes classes Yan, Ge Zhang Shi Miao shop classes (more than Ningyang).
2 Z" s6 }; A( b  q- t* v. j4 NIn addition, the Yellow River, north of莘县, Linyi County area, as well as fees范县Henan and other places have also set up classes Bangzi agency. , m, g7 H5 U3 O6 B( M" Y
In addition, Wenshang Bangzi northward along the canal with the emblem of the Laiwu tune Bangzi combination.
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Well-known actor on the Shandong Bangzi Wenshang Bangzi is singing on behalf of the thesis
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ZHANG Gui-yuan opera in Shandong Province during the period drama school, teachers are李翠喜,丁宪text, Ding Li Xue play when two teenagers are the master classes Wenshang artist Cao, after出科mainly in Wenshang, Jining ride along the flow acting classes Later jining Buddha Temple to the troupe, and then later went to the Juye, Shandong Province, after the establishment of opera school teachers hired to do. ZHANG Gui-yuan in 1980 thanks to the division before any heart, any heart is the Liangshan出科artists classes well. Well classes Wenshang Cao classes with deep roots, well守俊founded in 1934, "small classes" at the main teachers hired Zhao衍俊(stage name "Kyushu covered") is出科Wenshang Cao classes, and the well has not守俊Caozhou around the recruitment of teachers. Any heart出科classes from the wells after the Buddha temple in Jining singing troupe, with the senior DUAN Guang-cai, Dou Chao-rong, have co-operated over a very long time, it has been more widely paragraph, while it is still widely paragraph Wenshang artists classes出科Cao (Guang-Cai Duan Jianguo took part in a Juye Dayao classes, and when the star and teachers, with classes to Yao Cao class artists there are few, so Wenshang Cao Yao classes and classes are still deep roots). Later, before going to any of the Xuzhou heart and started to become famous in Xuzhou, Xuzhou jining and is Wenshang Bangzi troupe of artists to occupy the two terminals of long-term. Therefore, combing down from these clues, Duan Guang-Cai, Ren heart only, ZHANG Gui-yuan, YAO Yue-Zhi are Wenshang Bangzi transmission system of art. Mr. Liu Xianjin the singing is also no doubt that Wenshang Bangzi systems, thanks to the security of his childhood before school drama teacher, is in an Opera class Wenshang Cao. Liu Xian-Jin's father is Wenshang刘步云Yi Cao and刀马旦classes in the senior security is刘步云. Yang Yun Cun Hou City date line is Bangzi出科classes, dates Bangzi line classes is that teachers will have part of the human classes Yuanliangshan Well, another part of the human classes Yao, and there are still countless Wenshang Bangzi relationship. Caozhou Bangzi class artists have gone so? They are mainly into Henan, Shangqiu, Kaifeng, cremastogyne County, Zhengzhou, and so on. HUANG Ru-show王锡堂, Zhao Court, are the representatives of Bangzi Caozhou.
$ e% @( `3 f' s2 j: @+ a' R: [From the above literature, we can draw Shandong Bangzi Guangcai famous paragraph, Dou Chao-rong, before any heart, Yao Yue-Zhi, Liu Xian-jin,刘桂松, ZHANG Gui-yuan, Yang Cun Hou, Hui-phase clouds are the representatives of Wenshang Bangzi singing, passing the Wenshang Bangzi arts, the activities of these famous geographical coverage of the Southwest and northern Jiangsu area, confirmed Shandong Bangzi Wenshang Bangzi the main component of this thesis.
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